Inga Nostalgia

Inga Nostalgia: In love with the rainy month of Inga The buds of spring are inspiring as a promise of a fresh beginning; but what is a promise if it remains just that? Monsoon is the time when the plants are thick with foliages. And my hometown is a place where it rains and it … Continue reading Inga Nostalgia

For the love of flowers: takhellei nachom

Takhellei nachom na nappada, chini champa na samji da Leiranggi ningthiba, shingelgi phajaba Nuja napaal tangjabini Nangi maithong urubada sajibu gulabna ikaijabini One of my favourite Manipuri popular songs by the late Nongmaithem Pahari pays tribute to the beauty of a Meitei woman in her prime: A takhellei nachom on her side, a chini champa (ylang ylang) on the … Continue reading For the love of flowers: takhellei nachom