The Apricot Tree

The first blossoms of the apricots must have begun. it is the middle of winter. Winter at my hometown at Imphal (Manipur in India’s Northeast) is cold and dry but sunny. The grass turns yellow. The paddy fields are barren. The trees shed leaves. The mornings are foggy. As the sun begins to shines, the ponds … Continue reading The Apricot Tree

Maibido Maibado Mapuroibado (Lilado): Some Reflections

At a time when the need to preserve the authentic tradition of Lai Haraoba consumes public discourses on the issue, ‘Maibido Maibado Mapuroibado’ comes as a refreshing take. The venture by The Sangai Artiste Association is laudable in its effort to bring out aspects of a neighbourhood Lai Haraoba festivity that any common person can … Continue reading Maibido Maibado Mapuroibado (Lilado): Some Reflections