The Apricot Tree

11 thoughts on “The Apricot Tree”

    1. thank you Tina 🙂 I am hoping to improve my photography skills but i am tech-challenged!! i loved those three pictures of birds that you picked for your post on ‘circle’

  1. It can be bittersweet to return home and sense the changes and the passage of time. Your photos are lovely. Pink flowering apricots are blooming here too, in North Carolina in USA. It’s a bit too early for them.

    1. bittersweet is indeed true and it does linger on. am glad you liked the shots. when i took them, the flowering season was just beginning so those remarkable gregarious clusters were not there yet. I have never been to the US but it must be much colder there and the pink blossoms are so pretty. i should make it a point to plant them when i go home next!! thnx for visiting and sharing your thoughts!

  2. I love your shots of the apricot blossoms. I was a bit obsessed with the flowering trees this past spring but I don’t think we have many apricot trees in this area. I’m surprised that the orchid can survive cold temperatures. I always thought they were very delicate and tropical. I’m sorry to hear that your plum trees are gone. It can be sad to return to a place and come to terms with changes that have occurred.

    1. thank you Cynthia! I think i tend to get drawn to flowers but I did not think of it as obsession – may be it is an obsession with me as well haha! as about the orchids, the place i come from seems to be quite favourable to orchids. there are more than 300 species (and still being discovered/enlisted) in Manipur alone and apparently more than 700 in the Northeast region of India – many of them rare or endangered. It is cold in these parts but the temperature hardly goes below zero. Orchids figure in the lore as well. in fact, my blog name ‘Ingallei’ also takes after a local orchid variety. I look forward to reading more about the flowering trees that you have taken an interest on!

        1. now that i think of it, i have not yet written any post on orchids. I must do so soon this spring/summer – that’s the main flowering season. thank you for the thoughts, Cynthia. i hope to post it soon 🙂

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