Thoughts on Feasting: Ningol Chakkouba

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Feasting: Ningol Chakkouba”

  1. I like the fact you mentioned about the traditional cloths – it’s quite an irony they only appear on ningol chakouba or cheiraoba photo’s right – those press release saying we have done etc etc in another parts of the world, in my opinions they look beautiful and they should wear it more just not for the mere special ocassions. Not necessarily rani phi but phaneks etc etc can even be worn on some work places too, but they never do , i believe it’s more case of a low self esteem thing or self confidence or do they feel wearing pants , trousers or business atires a more feel good factor ! Just my thoughts though. Hope you also had a memorable ningol chakouba

    1. perhaps it is not so much about self-esteem but of convenience and of blending in on an ordinary day and of choice to wear it on those specially marked day. makes me wonder though why you revert to ‘they’- i am guessing (perhaps presumptuously) that you have something to do with Manipur (oomorok is afterall a meitei name for that special chilli), I wonder if you wear it often. as for myself, I confess i do not! it’s nice to hear your thoughts. I do hope to hear more of your thoughts. thank you – for the comments and wishes. I had a lovely feast! hope you also did 🙂

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