March Blossoms: Nongmangkha

9 thoughts on “March Blossoms: Nongmangkha”

  1. Informative and thanks for the info. I am not sure how to put this , being lucky or unlucky as I have never had this during the cold or when there is a cough which some of my buddies tell me sometimes, but that suktani in a usob gives the tastes buds a reset for another round I guess.

    1. hi oomorok! you should try it once and decide if you like it, some people don’t seem to mind it at all. as for the suktani, i have no fondness for that preparation. its quite imaginative to think of it as a ‘re-set’ button within a meal 😀 perhaps it is just that or perhaps it completes a round-up of taste aesthetics as the bitter component in the array tickling the taste buds. it is nice to hear your thoughts on it

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