Evening Chirpings

7 thoughts on “Evening Chirpings”

  1. beautiful…loved the cheep cheep sound.of the sparrows…sadly now with this concrete jungle all around …no sparrows to be found..in the city ….miss the cheep ..cheep…left only in memory. Author has wonderfully captured the mood of the bird..

    1. Delhi certainly seems to have more crows than sparrows around. so instead of cheep cheep, one hears kaw kaws more but i must say the crows of Delhi are an awful quiet lot!

  2. fascinates me to think of the summer as a gateway to the monsoons. The loo, the storms and the scorching heat suddenly begin to appear more bearable reading this post. I do sincerely hope that the crows and the cheeps resounding in our careers may soon metamorphose into the bells of success and achievement. Wishing you all the best and to myself too!!


  3. unfortunately in Delhi monsoon seems to last a week and spring for two weeks only 😀 but nevertheless, why not look at the brief respites from the extreme climes of the place
    thank you for the wishes… lets hope the cheep of the sparrows and the cooing of cuckoos bring in better days for us. cheers!

    1. thank you for visiting and leaving your comments Panthoiren. i am glad you liked my scribbling. it was a thought that stayed with me as i clicked the picture of the lone open-mouthed little bird that accompanies the scribbling. and yes, i also am a fan of Pahari’s beautiful tunes

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