Celebrating the festival of Kang (Rathyatra) in Manipur

13 thoughts on “Celebrating the festival of Kang (Rathyatra) in Manipur”

  1. Only U could have thought of ‘Kang’- mosquitoes!!! Like this write-up. Were u there, this year??? Love the khichdi served in the lotus leaf… yummmm

    1. 😀 is that not rite? u can hear the hearty songs of the mosquitoes alongside the joideb. i last attended kang two years back. i just love the smell of the lotus all around in this season … from ponds, streams, shrines, markets. i miss having kang gi khechri. were u able attend this season?

  2. wow! such pleasant times n joyous childhood days! i have visited rath-yatra in Puri…festival of Kang such a bright colorful festival..loved your detailed description of Lord Jaganath’s rath yatra….the vivid picture of assorted fruits felt good …the last line sharing two different meanings of Kang ..adds more punch to your writing:)

    1. i have not yet visited the festival at Puri but have only seen it on TV. but i have heard a lot about it.
      the season of kang is also the monsoon season, and so it is a breeding ground for the mosquitoes 🙂

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