yongchak tales continues …..

6 thoughts on “yongchak tales continues …..”

  1. I almost had a sense of deja vu reading this. There are so many things I just didn’t want on my plate when I was in Orissa. And now my eyes light up if I see it in the local market here.
    I googled yongchak. Is the bean paste made out of this?

    1. am not sure, but i don’t think so. soya bean is more likely the ingredient of bean paste… but its only a guess. stinky beans/tree beans are consumed fresh or cooked generally but am not sure if its used for making paste.
      for us, NE people, i guess its not all the local markets that appeal but i must say the vendors in Patel chest area seem to have picked up a lot of those veggies… whats more they even know the Manipuri names of those veggies!! i am impressed! probably it means that the pc of NE in these areas is much higher now!

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